Perfect birthdays reminders!

So I wanted to do a general blog post today about something which I have come to like. Most of you have probably used this feature in one way or another – what am I talking about? well the birthday feature on Facebook of course!

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I’ve been on Facebook for quite a well now and although I do not interact with it as much as I could or maybe should, I do always check in most days to see the forthcoming birthdays. This is one feature which I think is brilliant as it surpasses even my own calendar and capturing routine to remember and wish happy birthday to people. Why do I like it? Will essentially there are three main points…

  • Reminders – Checking in to or actually just reading the sent emails by Facebook, allows me to see what birthdays are coming up or which of my friends has a birthday on that day. Many of you might have a calendar of diary to remind you of these or even a really good memory – but I sadly fail in all these areas. My calendar is essentially a work calendar which I try not to have people’s birthdays on – although I do keep my haircut appointments and gym visits on it. Facebook reminds me either in advance or even on the actual day which means that, even if I don’t have time to buy a card, I do have the opportunity to send birthday wishes!
  • Sending those wishes – I’m not a great lover of cards, either birthday or Christmas. They cost a great deal and they are generally around for a few days and then recycled. There is also the issue that you have to get them to the person, either by visiting or posting them. There have been times that I have been organised enough to buy a card for a upcoming birthday but then it has remained in my bedroom, awaiting to be sent. Of course in the end I miss the day :(. I’m also not very good at buying a suitable card. I tend to buy something that I will like rather than what they would like – actually it is the same with presents as well! Facebook takes all that hassle away. A little box pops up and you type in “Happy Birthday <>” and job is done! No cost or hassles. But the thought is there.
  • The Aftermath – I’ve already mentioned that I am not very good at buying presents. Well the same is actually true about receiving gifts. I’m to the stage of my life when I have want I need and if I need anything more I can save up and go and buy it. Surprises presents are my worst nightmare! People often think I am ungrateful. This is not because I am, it is more that I find it very difficult to get excited about things. After I receive a gift I consider the best thing to say is thank you and move on. I’m not very good about saying how much I love it etc. etc. After the birthday wishes have been given on Facebook, there is what I call a simple aftermath to do – go through and like the wishes/comments and then but a general thank you comment on your news feed. Before you start to say what a heartless B*****D I am saying it is too easy and straight forward, the comments are heart felt and I do mean it.
  • Reading this back I probably come across as a heartless person, but seriously that’s not what I am saying. I am just saying things are made easier. Some of you might be saying it is traditional to buy cards and meet up on birthdays, and that is probably true, but as the world changes (or the better or worse) the way technology impacts on these established traditions changes them. If you prefer the card and visit approach then go for it. For me, Facebook does just fine.


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