Pokemon, inwils style!


Everyone enjoys a good game of Pokemon. Collecting all those little animals and celebrating your collection with others. Well now there is a new version – The inwils Collection!

Gotta collect them all!

You might be aware that I have a merchandise store, courtesy of the fantastic StreamElements!

Now, as well as being able to buy hoodies, T-shirts, mugs and mouse mats, you can also buy stickers! Yes, you read that correctly – stickers!

If you view any of my content, you will be aware that I just use a simple ‘I’ to represent the world of inwils. Simple yet adaptable! Why? Well, the dot of the ‘i’ can change in order to allow the ‘i’ to celebrate different events or characters.

The mission – if you choose to accept it, is to collect all the ‘i’s to have a complete collection!

In order to support you with this, I have created a downloadable PDF which you can ‘stick’ your stickers on as you collect them! This PDF is completely FREE!

Currently, you can see both the ‘normal i’ and the ‘i of the beholder’ in the store! The latter to celebrate everything to do with role-playing! 

‘i of the bheolder’

Certain stickers are only available during certain events, for example the ‘pumpkin-i’ only makes an appearance during the month of October to celebrate Halloween. So it is worth keeping an eye open for the limited edition ones when they are on sale!

Finally, in order to celebrate the master ‘i-collectors’ – you can send me a pic of you and your sticker and I’ll post them all up onto this site so you can see who is currently in the lead!

Yes, the gauntlet has been thrown down! Can YOU collect them all!

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