Preparation for Halloween

Halloween is coming…and help is here with StreamElements and OBS.Live

Yes we are half way through October so it will soon be Halloween! We never really celebrated Halloween when I was growing up as a child, but as we adopt some of the hype about Halloween from the US, it is definitely getting more popular over here in the UK. In order to celebrate it on my stream I have some ‘spooky’ events and transformation planned. StreamElements connect seamlessly with the fantastic OBS.LIVE which removes a whole load of clutter and means you can stream with everything at your finger tips! Plus you can create a Halloween scene and switch backwards and forwards from it whenever you need to!

My attempt at a Halloween design!

In order to get into the spirit of Halloween I have designed a ‘pumpkin-i’. This is hopefully becoming part of my branding for my channel and you can get a range of merchandise with it on during the month of October! And, because shipping can be expensive, you can purchases items from my Europe/UK shop or the US equivalent! I’ll definitely be wearing my tshirt with pumpkin-i on – hope you will join me – lets show off those pumpkin headed ‘i’s! NB- they are only ever available during October!

Spooky overlays!

As you might be aware – and I say it enough times – my live streaming platform of choice is @StreamElements and they have some really nice additions for Halloween. First up is a really spooky themed overlays to use of the Halloween season. These include a stream starting, Be right back, streaming and stream ending scenes, all with themed additions of haunted houses, flying witches and the customary black cats. Even the alerts are themed! This will definitely help your audience get into the mood! You will be able to see me use this on the 31st October so do tune in! And if you are going for a more gore filled stream, then check out their gore theme as well – plenty of blood on that one! Just be careful you don’t attract some of the blood lusting vampires out there!

Spooky Widgets

As well as the overlay, there is a new Halloween themed widget! You can have the images either still or animated and there is a wide range of haunting additions. Flying bats and witches, black cats which arched backs and the usual howling ghosts. You can dot these around your screen – I’m enjoying having bats flying behind me on my webcam! You can then add these into your OBS.LIVE scenes and have them ready to make your streams super animated and spooky!

Spooky games

I’m really not very good with horror films or games – even Murder She Wrote can spook me out at times! But I am going to try and be brave and pay a spooky game on the 31st! You need to remember that I even jump when someone donates bits to me so I have no idea what it is going to be like playing a scary game! Apparently I have to have the lights out and sound up – in space they can’t hear you scream – but I can guarantee plenty of jumps! I’m going to make the !scream available for everyone during the stream – with a sensible global cool down of course! – so please feel free to use it!

Replacing Mythras

You might have caught our RPG session on a Saturday evening before – well next Saturday, the 27th, we will be playing something a little more scary. This will definitely be a horror based session but whether it will be a fantasy haunted manor, an alien filled spaceship or a seance in Call of Cthulhu is yet to be decided. But I do hope you will be able to come along and join us – I will enjoy crafting the spooky atmosphere – I hope the players enter into the swing of things and even turn their lights off!

Dare you enter?

So lots of things ready for the Halloween season – hopefully they will all come off and we can enjoy a bit of tricking and treating together! Hope you will be able to come and join in one or all the streams and, if you have any of your own Halloween themed streams organised, please tell me all about them in the comments below. Until next time – happy haunting!

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