Rise of the Tomb Raider ….and me.

After completing the last Tomb Raider about two weeks ago it was only a matter of time before I started the new one!

Finishing the last Tomb Raider actually came as a bit of as shock to many people – least of all me! Not only did I actually complete it but I also managed to persevere until I got to the end! On the disappointing side, I only managed to finish it with 61% of the game completed – one of the reasons I was shocked when it came to the end – I actually thought I still have 39% to go! (yep – I teach mathematics!). Before you ask – I have no intention of going back and finishing the other 39% but I do intend to try and get a higher completion rate with the new game – The Rise of the Tomb Raider!

You might have noticed that we are jumping into the journey at Part 2. This is not a typo! My application to stream on the Official XBoxone UK channel on Twitch was successful and I made my debut on the channel a couple of weeks ago now playing Part 1. Unfortunately, I forgot to record it and I can’t actually export from their channel directly to my YouTube – so it will probably remain lost forever! But do not fret – part 2 is just enjoyable so settle down and have a watch…

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