Runequest/Mythras – The Island of Vom Kayes Episode 1

Well, despite being over worked and very little time on my hands, would you believe I have taken not only a new gaming session but also a new gaming rule set! I remember Runequest from the first edition and have returned to the game in the sixth incarnation of the game, also called Mythras. This is the first adventure which is somewhat loosely based on the the published game called ‘Sariniya’s Curse’. This is the first time that I have GMed the game and the players have played so there are plenty of mistakes for you to spot.

For a brief synopsis of the episode, the players introduce their characters on a ship as they leave their home world and set sail for the ‘new world’. However, they suddenly are made aware that they have not only bought passage to the coastal town of Lindowe, but have also signed up to be the Captain’s personal bodyguards (never think twice about getting the professional skill of literacy!). After subduing a mutiny on the ship the party head towards the hidden temple on the Island of Vom Kayes – but who are watching them from the shadows!

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