Same old rubbish.

What bores you?

So the writing prompt for today is what bores me?

When I was going up I can remember always feeling I was bored. One of the phrases that you never used to say to my mum would be “I’m bored” or “I’ve got nothing to do !”. Both would receive the same answer of more chores heading your way!

I rarely get bored nowadays. I keep myself busy creating content and trying to up my skills.

This doesn’t mean that nothing bores me. Quite the opposite, so many things bore me that I have had to whittle down the long list. If I had not, I would have been writing forever!

Trilogies. Save for the epics of Lord of the Rings and Aliens, trilogies bore me. That moment at the end of the first film or book when you suddenly realise that the story is not going to end. I just yawn and think sheesh.

I have the personal vow never to read or watch the second or even third book or film, unless they really inspire me.

But the concept of trilogies have moved to content creation as well. When a YouTube short title catches my attention I just know that it is going to end with those boring words of …

Follow and subscribe for the next part

YouTube shorts

Sorry, but if you can fit it into one short then I am definitely not following just to see what happens in the end😡😡

It appears everything within the realm of social media is all about liking and following and if you want to see this, sign your life away to me. This approach really does bore me but, there is one thing that bores me even more .

Mr bean being bored

As a content creator I spend time looking at other people’s content. Frequently I see new accounts doing really well poaching other peoples’ content. They take a snippet of a video and convert it into a short. In some cases they do try and be creative by using the green screen effect to add themselves nodding or some other facial reaction. But essentially they are increasing their views using existing content.

How boring is that ! Come on people if you want to be in the content creation business then please try to be original!

So that’s what bores me, at the moment. I’m going to try and use more of these prompts so do check them out when they arrive.

Stay safe and positive.


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