Security Drone: Part 1


Okay, here it is! I mentioned this in a previous post, and have decided to publish it and let people leave their comments. Be gentle but truthful! (By the way, you are getting the whole narrative, so you hard luck!)

Why did time pass so slowly? Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours. It passed without any sound, just the changing of the digital display in my heads up display marked it slowly progressing. I would often get fixated on how the digits changed, which green bar appeared, which disappeared and whether any stayed the same throughout the cycle? I was bored and it was a well known fact that when you were bored time past more slowly.

Why was I bored? Well, if you have a job like mine, you would be bored as well. Night shifts were always boring, but coupled with this was this dead end job that I found myself in, they were super boring. Yes I knew about security, yes I had certificates (completely false of course)  that said how I could operate hundreds of cameras and detectors at the same time but these were rarely looked at, once the criminal record tag had popped up on my resume. I mean some criminal tags might be beneficial to gaining employment, but mine, shoplifting a bag of chocolate five years ago as a dare, did not rate as noteworthy. I could get it removed but that cost money and money was something which I just didn’t have. I was gaining it slowly but this job didn’t pay well, and even with my expenses cut back to a minimum the gain was glacial to say the least.

A red light blinked in my HUD – time to do the hourly check of the five cameras, several locks  and one metal detector which I was laughably in charge of. To be honest, I didn’t even know what I was protecting. I had made it my own policy of employment to ask no questions about what were in the crates and offices which the cameras kept surveillance on. I had found it was better this way – the least you know the better – ask no questions, just take the cash. Camera three was showing a fault in its recording function. I ran diagnostics on it while reporting the fault for the fifty seventh time – did they ever even read this reports! With a blink of my left eye I was in the camera creating a small sub routine to create a phantom data source area to hold the rest of the shifts data. I noticed the one which I made last night had been removed – I guess they do read the reports, I guess they just didn’t act on them.

Finishing I ghosted back to the control room and laid back in the chair, my datalead relaying the data to my display. I slid it to one side on my HUD, confident that the sub routines I had created would capture any significant alterations within the security system, and report them to me, if needed. I hoped not. I wanted to catch up on the latest box series. Free access to the matrix was definitely a hidden perk of the job, despite its slow speed it allowed for the watching of verified content throughout your shift, which helped speed up the changing green bars of time.

A warning grabbed my attention and tugged me away from current episode.  What! Camera three again! What the …! Hang on a minute, its corrected itself. My work around was good but not that good. I left the comfort of the control room once more and quickly made my way into the once complaining device. I quickly ran a diagnostic again and found … nothing. Strange – what’s going on here? I quickly looked at the feed, nothing wrong there, just a view of the outside side door with paper blowing down the alley. The light illuminated the immediate area but nothing unusual is visible, just that piece of paper blowing past. Hang on a minute, that paper looked identical to the last one. What’s going on here – the same paper floating past within the same minute, what the… Wait. My mind slowly caught up with the data. It had probably been screaming the conclusion to the data for the past minute, but it was only now that I recognised what it was trying to tell me – it was a looped video. Someone was tinkering with my system.

Look out for the next episode….

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