Security Drone – Part 2

I wished I had taken more notice to that manual they had provided me at the start of the contract. Not that I needed it to operate the system, it was more that there was a description of the protocol for this sort of thing in there. I could call it up and have a quick look, but my reactions took over and I put the system on amber alert. Several subroutines burst into action, running quick and efficient programs to track any other unwanted actions within the system. Within milliseconds they had reported back nothing, but I didn’t trust them.

Any hacker worth their money would be able to effectively hide from basic amber security protocols. There were several sorts of hackers – the dare hackers, those completing something for a dare, the minor hackers those on a low paid job and the dangerous hackers – those who only big money could buy and who were experts at their job. I was hoping for a dare hacker, they couldn’t be anything worth actually hiring anyone else to hack this shipping company.

If someone was trying to gain access to the security system they were either in the system currently, possibly hiding and watching me now, or they had already left after putting the camera on a loop allowing someone else to access the building undetected. If it was the latter than the doors would be the next point of access.

I bought up the outside door locks within my HUD and checked them. All showed the locked status, but this was easy to achieve to fool any security. Time to get creative. As well as watching box sets, the boredom of this job also allowed me time to get creative with my programming skills. I wasn’t the best, hence this pathetic job, but I wasn’t completely without skill. I summoned up my ant eater! This was a little program that I had created to sniff out those illegal hacks. Although it lacked any decent artificial intelligence, it was able to do its job well and with a small system like this one, it wouldn’t take it long to come back with some results.

Within seconds it returned, alerting me to a hack in place on the outside door immediately below the camera which had been interfered with. This meant only one thing – there was some sort of physical intrusion. Adrenaline suddenly started to pump within my flesh system. I triggered the lock down on the door to the control room where my physical body was lying. I would be safe for the moment. I moved into the tampered looked and noticed the small hack which had been implemented to report it still locked. Clever, but not the best. I could remove it but that would set off all the alarms – maybe I should get some more information first. Major personal were never grateful being woken up in the middle of the night with a false alarm. I decided, probably against my better judgement, to investigate further. Camera rigged, lock hacked, where would they go next. I pondered for a moment and then moved to the camera looking down into the main shipping area where all the crates which arrived during the day before my shift were stacked. Yep, there was another loop. I  removed it and started looked down at the current scene. Two silhouettes huddled over the crates, moving between them following what seemed to be some sort of directions. It was obvious from their movements that they were receiving some sort of direction. Move, pause, move again. Their progress was slow, but I guess they didn’t see the need for any urgency if their hacker had done their job. I couldn’t physically confront them, but I could alter their environment to my advantage and maybe scare them off. I quickly brought up the environmental controls for the shipping room. Time to cast some light of this situation.

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