Shadowrun Campaign Setting – Southside

Southside is currently the area which the runners are adventuring in, although their jobs are frequently taking them outside the sector. Southside consists of two distinct areas, the southern most areas near the river being rather lower class and being the domain of street gangs and companies striving to making a living, often paying the require bribes to both gangers, law enforcement and the larger companies of the northern most area. The northern areas is place for new development. Corporations and companies from the Central Sector of Metro and starting to expand into this area with the encouragement of the new mayor and some fledgling companies who already exist here. The whole northern area of Southside is becoming more and more middle lifestyle and is often seen as the new place to party, shop and live – especially as Westside becomes more and more – ‘full’. However, although things might be looking up for Southside, there are some distinct areas which are lacking and cause somewhat of a headache for the sector Mayor – Brian Maldune – with street gangs and several unsavoury elements insisting of keeping a hold on some areas, including the rather rundown area of the docks. The East of the sector has a huge wire fence with frequent posts with security cameras constantly surveying the border with the Contaminated Area. Gates along this area are rare and the whole boundary is patrolled by the security Corporation Jasmine Sun.

  • Southside Law Level = 6 (4)
  • Soutside – Mayor Jon Smith (Human) (4th year of service)


Although there are a multitude of companies and corporations which operate within Southside – these are the ones which would be classed as the ‘major’ operators.

  • Yang Industries – Yang industries is an electronic company which conducts business mainly in the area of computers and security systems although it does currently own a range of Chinese restaurants throughout Southside. Cho Yang controls the whole company with his son – Chi Yang, being the only known heir to the empire. Chi Yang did once have his own smaller company, although this was ‘absorbed’ by the parent company and he now works for his father. Tracing the rise of the company is interesting since it appears to have had some financial backing from somewhere in order to get established in Southside. News channels claim that there was some investment from the main Central Sector corporations and that one of the main ones is actually financing the smaller company. Others believe that the mayor of Southside, Jon Smith, might be supporting the company ‘on the side’.

  • Network 7 – Network 7 is region’s main news reporting company. If something has happened then you are most likely to see the Network 7 drones hovering around trying to find out the news and gossip. Their main offices exist in the Central Sector, although their do have a satellite office in the north of Southside. The regional operator is a savvy woman can Ursula Quinn who was once a well known shadow runner, rigging her way through the depths of corporation intrigue. However, after a rather nasty encounter with a certain corporation, she retired and was ‘given’ the position she currently holds. Network 7 is always willing to pay for leads and images although the prices or willingness to purchase these rapidly goes down if the information proves to be false or unsubstantial. As well as the local ‘news’ Network 7 also has a weekly runner update, providing the opportunities for runners to demonstrate their prowess as well as their ineptitude.

  • Casper’s Entertainment – Most of Metro’s entertainment companies can be found in Eastside, although Casper’s Entertainment appears to break all the rules and runs within Southside. The company is run by the elusive Casper, who as only ever provided statements and information across the matrix, keeping his identity secret from the world. How the company actually started is also somewhat of a mystery. Most of the companies within Southside are satellite companies of main ones which are based within Central Sector or, in the case of entertainment, Eastside. However, Casper’s has no such parent company. It is well documented that a large disused building which was once a large office building was due to be demolished and re-utilised when it was purchased by Casper’s Entertainment and, over the next months, turned into a high end entertainment establishment. Basically if you name isn’t on the list, you ain’t getting in – legally of course! The company offers various gambling opportunities as well as fine dining and drinking opportunities. Of course, where ever there is gambling, there is most definitely a credit lending business and probably drugs as well. How do you get an invite to this exclusive club? Well, apparently you get a communication that you have been accepted. As you can imagine – many of the high end people of Southside who are not part of this club, eagerly check their commlink every day.

  • Translocation – If you want something transporting, then Translocation is the company for you. Translocation is responsible for all your transportation needs not only within Southside but across Metro with it having offices within all sectors. They are happy to transport almost everything from a small package to the contents of your apartment. Although not cheap they are reliable and are not likely to be nosy in the contents their are transporting, apart from the usual checks for explosives and critters. It has recently undergone some changes within the management structure. Although there was several rumours reported by Network 7 as to the reason for this, Translocation maintains that it was due to promotion opportunities within the global corporation. Payment is reasonable and delivery guaranteed although do check the small print since it does mention critters, spirits and natural disasters as well as other events which are, quite naturally, out of their control.