Shadowrun – Party in the Park #1

In this week’s Shadowrun actual play the runners have completed their previous job successfully and quickly informed of a new job which will actually get them outside into the fresh air for once. A simple job really – there is a meeting taking place within a pavilion inside a park in the Central zone of Metro. Just let no-one in after the meeting starts until it finishes one hour later….now than, what could happen in a public park!

Shadowrun is a RPG set in the cyberpunk world of 2076. It is a world where magic is possibly stronger than steel, where spirits walk on an astral plane to be confronted or controlled. Where that childhood dream of driving a car goes one step further as you are the car. Where working out is no comparison to metalling out and where the internet has been replaced by the world of the matrix which filters into our very existence and only the deckers and technomancers completely control Welcome back to the world of Shadowrun

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