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  • Fiction

    Replenishing Memories

    “His touch was soft and gentle as his fingers traced a journey over my shoulders and down the centre of my back. The world was at peace.”

  • Fiction

    “From the depths of undisturb sleep he awoke”

    He barely managed to reach his position in time, as the final tumbler clicked into place and the lock disengaged.”

  • Adventure Ideas

    Adventure Idea: Guarding the Guild Mistress

    The visiting guild mistress is coming to town and, after previous attempts on her life, the local guild merchants hire the party to provide some protection.

    However, not everything is as it appears and the party might find themselves in serious trouble!


  • Fiction

    Security Drone: Part 2

    Why did time pass so slowly? Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes like hours. It passed without any sound, just the changing of the digital display in my heads up display marked it slowly progressing. “