Since you’ve been gone!

It sometimes amazes me how I keep up with everything that I have going on at the moment. I have to admit, that it is only when I come to a post like this and I write it all down that I think WOW! Have a slept in the last few weeks! So without further ado! Time for a catch up!

Thanks for the Sponsor!

Sponsored by The Design Mechanism, Makers of Mythras, Mythras is a Registered Trademark of The Design Mechanism Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.’

Yes, you might have already heard but my hard work is beginning to pay off! I have actually secured a sponsorship with The Design Mechanism Inc. This means that I can actually put their logo on my content. Plus I get to see and try out some new rules which have not even been released yet! Of course these are not streamable but we are enjoying providing feedback.

We are still playing Mythras and streaming it live so please do continue to come along and supporting the channel. The rule set might be slightly different from other games, but the role-playing is still as fantastic!

Want to find out more about Mythras – I’ve made a series of videos all about the ruleset


I’m definitely still trying to support StreamElements. I really like what they have done to and I want to try and spread the news so that people realise how fantastic they are. I’ve still for a number of followers to go before I can apply to become a member of their Dream Team (only 18,326 to go!). I have started to make some videos on how I actually set up my overlays. I’m hoping that these will be helpful to anyone who is starting out like me.

There are two videos available at the moment

In the world of Twitch

Yes, I know, I have probably deafened many of you. Why? Well, Twitch allowed me access to the Twitch Sings Beta, so I have been blasting songs out across the internet with various degrees of success. Often they don’t appear to be in my key, so I often spend time warbling between a range of notes trying to hit the correct notes. I’ve also been engaging with some duets with people, although I often find it difficult to persuade people to sing with and so, I did the one and only thing – I recorded a video singing a duet by myself.

Of course, Elder Scrolls Online is still forming a major component of my streams, and I am definitely still enjoying the game. With the DLC available recently, I braved the random dungeon finder and signed up as a healer to try and keep everyone alive. It went, semi-well and I really did enjoy it. I did also complete my first ever trial – I healed it, although I must admit I didn’t really know what I was doing, just kept sending those healing orbs into the group of brave fighting characters. Well if you missed my first time in the Wrathstone Dungeons, I recorded them for you.

In conclusion

There is probably a lot more which I could write here, but I need to try and something for next week 🙂 But just to finish off, I am pleased to inform you that I have reached 300 subscribers on Youtube!

This is a great achievement for me but still 700 to go before I reach the desirable 1000 subs. I keep reminding myself that this is a marathon, not a sprint…

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