So many points!

So many points!

There are always times when I overdo things. I constantly want to get as much done in any time I have. This can lead me to stream for excessive amounts which then brings on my facial neuralgia which then means I have to rest and take tablets and hope it goes away.

As you might have guessed, this happened last night which today means I have been trying to relax and take it easy. I decided to work on my channel points since one of my viewers mentioned that they needed attention. So I started work on them and suddenly its the end of the day. Here is my progress.

Which points to use?

Currently, I was feeling that I had points coming out of my ears! 

I’ve frequently, in the past, tried to use the loyalty points from StreamElements to add a bit of depth to my channel, but this has never been successful. I think moved onto StreamLoots, creating loads of cards for people to collect and craft with. But sadly that didn’t really take off either. And then Twitch brought in channel points and highlighted messages started to appear and I was left thinking – yet another lot of points to think about.

It was time for some consolidation. I started to watch and read the usual articles, “50 things to do with your channel points” and found that many of the suggestions already existed between my loyalty points and my StreamLoot cards. It then dawned on me – yes you could literally hear the penny drop – Why don’t I just put everything into one!

With StreamElements being my supportive platform of choice, I decided to use them and with this in place, I started to create and collate!

Cards, Gifs and sounds

I did try and think of some fancy alliteration here, but failed miserably – as you can probably see. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I collected everything together and with Photoshop, Audition and Premiere Pro all powered up and ready to go it was time to pack my store with goodies.

I really appreciate how everyone supports me and I really want to allow everyone to engage with the new store. But at the same time, I want to provide some nice things for my subs. I wrote a blog post some time ago about trying to allow everyone to have access to everyone. However, I feel that I might have to change this slightly for this store. I have created some cards which are only available for subs. This is not because I appreciate those supporters more than any others, it is mainly due to the fact that I worry about trolls coming into my stream and ‘exploiting’ the system.

It will probably take me a while to get the loyalty points working effectively. I need to ensure that rewards are attainable, but not easily. No doubt, there will be some stumbling blocks before the system is completely stable.

On with the new system!

I’m hoping that my audience will enjoy the new rewards but, as the streamer, I must also ensure that I engage with it and promote it. I also want to encourage some of the other aspects of the loyalty system, for example the duels and the giving of i-coins.

As the old saying goes, the proof of the pudding will be in the tasting or, in this case, the testing.

I’m really looking forward to getting involved with the new system along with the in-crowd community. No doubt I will be coming back here to either celebrate or suggest improvements so please do stay tuned!







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