Southside Slackers

Within each community there is a place where deckers meet and discuss things. In Southside the deckers have come together to form a group of individuals rather strangely known as the ‘Slackers’. This unusual name originates from the group of individuals who formed the group. Being bored at school and work, they got together and created the virtual host which become the Slacker Club. From then onwards, people of a similar ilk, slacked off at work and school to join the Slackers and become part of the ‘club’. Although anyone can track down the host and enter it, few actually has membership to the inner most regions of the host. Wannabees try to get their name known by hanging out in the club, trading information and indulging in virtual fantasies. Personas range from the fantasy to the creative, with people sometimes believing that make yourself stand out in the Matrix is the key to getting yourself known – unfortunately the good deckers just know that this is a way to getting yourself geeked. Although the club tolerates technomancers within the outer club, no technomancer has ever been allowed inside – some have tried and many of died or been run out of the club and eventually from Southside – reputation is everything in the shadows and without rep who would ever hire you.

Although another can find the host, actually gaining entrance is another issue. Some have tried to hack into the system, but often this just causes the whole host to crash, dumping everyone within it. It takes some time to reappear in a new location, with many people with sore heads! If you would like to gain legitimate access then you need to post your request on the multitudes of social media boards in order to gain the attention of the Slackers. They don’t invite anyone, since there is a price for that invitation mark. No amount of credits can gain it, for the price is information, data that is buzzing and alive. Let them know what you have and if they like it then you will be invited in. If its false, then you are likely to be found some time later- with some of the grey cells missing – they might be slackers, but they don’t like being fooled.

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