Star Wars continues – Vanguard Tanking!

As my confusion over classes continues, I managed to stick with my Vanguard Tank for the duration of a Live Stream! But what am I playing next…well…:)


Although I enjoy playing the Vanguard I have a bit a problem with the jumping into combat and hitting the mob with the butt of my rifle, rather than blasting it from a distance. When I first started to play the Vanguard I thought, and I was stupid to even think this looking back now, that this class would be a ranged tank…really – how could this actually happen! Anyway I played the class for a while and learned a lot from my guild mates in Diversity. After some consideration I did have a go with a couple of other tanks. The Shadow Tank is very interesting due to the variety of attacks between ranged and melee. It also has the nice double edged light saber and also keeps the ability to stealth! However, it appears, in the early stages at least, very static. When I was trying to tank the first instance The Esseles I found the Jedis jumping into combat before I could even get there with my tank – I did look good though :). The Jedi Guardian comes equipped with a great ‘jump into combat’ ability which is great – whoop! and you are in the thick of things. This class was going well, although listening in to the guild chat, they mentioned that most of the offices were healers and tanks. I don’t think I have the ability to match that sort of players so I have decided to head back to my DPS class(es). I’m a great lover of pet classes and the closest I can get to one in Star Wars is the Sage – due to the first companion being mainly melee. I have very powerful damage at the moment (I’ve specialised into Telekinesis – mainly since I didn’t understand Balance) and I also have the blessing of some heals. Picking up Herbalism…erm…I mean Biochem and Bioanalysis I am set now for the journey to 60th! Second will be my Commando and then probably a Gunslinger – let’s keep that ranged DPS going! The only exception to the rule will be a Sentinel – who can resist the lure of twin lightsabers! There will be more Sage play coming soon, but in the meantime enjoy my tanking with the Vanguard.

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