Starting with my PS4


I’m back at work after the summer vacation. That means I am trying to resurrect my old routines so expect things to get back to normal. Over the summer I bought a PS4. I often buy a console and then just let it stand in the corner as it becomes a stand for ‘Ting’. However, this time I was determined to be different!

Capture Card

PS4 console
Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

It took me a while to get everything set up. I had an Elgato 60HD ‘box’ which had worked well with my Xbox one, but with the PS4 pro, there was a delay between the image and sound. I quickly asked fellow streamers (well just @sproyler because he is epic) and in the @streamelements discord and found that it was time for an upgrade. I invested in the Elgato HD60 PRO card. I actually managed to fit it myself although I did have @chugwuga on stand by if anything went wrong. I’m very impressed with the quality and the way the card works. Elgato fan? most definitely since I have the stream deck, keylight and capture card now! I also bought a longer charging cable for my control since I kept losing charge and having to stop playing.

Into the console

I was trying to decide which games to play when I saw @mythematic playing Remnant: From the Ashes. I thought I would give it a go and bought it. I must say, I didn’t realise that it would take so long to download the games. I went for the scrapper and I must say – I WAS BAD!! I actually went into panic mode when things attack me and just randomly click buttons. Did controllers have these many buttons before?

While browsing the PS4 store, I also found some other games which I download because they were free and because people recommended them to me. Warframe is great! I couldn’t believe that the first weapon choice I had was a staff!! I’m only through the tutorial but I enjoyed that. Also downloaded Paladins and Smite – both seem familiar, but I am looking forward to playing them.

Destiny and Overwatch

If you were around when I started to play Destiny 2 you might have seen me turn green and suddenly have to leave. First-person shooters can give me motion sickness. I took the advice of @Xerologic and eat ginger biscuits but I just finished the packet, still felt sick but had a bigger waistline!

However, I found Overwatch again! Wow, what a game this was! I started to play it again, although I do easily get salty about it. Despite several new characters being added, nothing much as changed. The new tank, Sigma, is popular as is Ash and the new healer Moira. Any class which is super popular I avoid like the plague! I always prefer to be the underdog – Torb forever!


I have really enjoyed the different playing style of the PS4 console games. I’m trying to avoid MMOs on it, preferring my PC but it is great to get back to some new games. I will probably keep one of the even streams dedicated to PS4 games, both new and old.

Hope you will be able to join me – it will be great to see you!

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