Stolen a Call of Cthulhu idea!


Yes, I confess the idea is not completely my own, I was watching a certan series on the television and suddenly thought “what a great idea!”. I’m not actually playing or being a Keeper at the moment for Call of Cthulhu, mainly due to my players having scheduling issues. But this hasn’t stopped my creative juices flowing! At a risk of someone nicking my idea, I thought I would share it here. It might help someone for their own game or some players might actually get excited about it and want to sign up. You never know I might even get asked to be a Keeper for some of the great RPG channels!

Where it came from.

I’m always keen to give credit to people and companies. I always try to use free images and music while posting on my blog and YouTube Channel and this is not going to be an exception to that. I had just finishing watching Murder, She Wrote and was flicking through channels when I came across a TV programme called ‘Ghost Whisperer‘ on the UK Pick channel! While watching it everything about Call of Cthulhu slotted into place and I immediately started to jot down ideas!


Within many of the Call of Cthulhu games I have seen. There appears to be believers and doubters. Some characters insist on there being rational explanations for things without actually engaging with the supernatural. This can lead to many interesting role playing encounters which I really do enjoy. However, with this new idea I actually want the characters to be the people who recognise the supernatural while the rest of the world is completely against them. Apart from the occult people who are trying to enforce the spirits to do their bidding! Essentially the party would be call upon when there is something weird going on – whenever thing else has failed, the characters arrive to put things back to the acceptable ‘norm’.

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I was never very good at the 1920s, especially when trying to relate it to the US. The last series of adventures I was the Keeper for in Call of Cthulhu, we actually played in the Victorian Era in deep London. The Gaslight supplement was great and I felt that I was able to depict the era well – who wouldn’t enjoy chases in handsome cabs! However, for this Ghost Whisperer idea, I wanted to do something more modern. There appears to be two supplements to the basic rules, one Pulp Cthulhu and Delta Green. From what I can read about them online, Pulp Cthulhu is more 1930s (?) while Delta Green is more set in the 1990s – more conspiracy ideas. It would appear that the latter would be more suitable, although I’m not sure that there are any updates to this rule supplement. There is an extension I have found for Fantasy Grounds – so looking forward to getting this installed! I think there would be more dangerous guns around, but also the strict rules governing these would prevent full scale battles being acted out on the streets! Of course I would set the game in the UK since this is what I am most familiar with.


It was while watching the original T.V. programme that I became aware that I actually wanted to dictate the main characters in order to ensure that they worked together. Although the actual skills and motivations would be left up to the players to ‘flesh out’ for me I would want the following ‘types’.

The Cop

Whether this was a priavte investigator, ex cop or just someone who can and is willing to engage with the law. They could be a MI6 agent or even a company directed agent. Their main job is to provide the group with the ability to engage with the law and evidence.</p

The Medic

This would be the medical practitioner of some description. I think probably a paramedic would be the best choice although this could be developed with the player. This character is responsible not only for the stitching of the players wounds, but also for getting into medical facilities to get medical reports.

the Heavy

There is always the possibility of combat but it is really very much related to non-fatal combat within the game. The heavy is the person who is responsible for getting rough when the going gets tough. This could involve bashing doors down, hitting people or just blocking the way. They might even have some driving and other combat skill, but mainly they are the brawn to the previous character’s brains.

The Academic

Yeah, there always has to be that character that you hopefully knows all the answers to all the questions. They might also have the general ‘face’ type skills to interact with people or they might just be the book worm who can find the answer in the library after a whole night with their heads in the books. Knowledge would be their key attribute and contribution to the party.

The Spooky one

I see this last character as a feeble but emotional strong individual. They might have extensive knowledge of the occult but their main purpose in the group is that they are the ghost whisperer. They have the ability to sense and talk to the disturbed spirits. How their portrays itself would be up to the character although I would hope that fainting was a regular occurrence.


And that’s it! My idea in a blog post. The characters would be hired or drawn into mysteries with restless ghosts and spirits. They would know that there was a ghost but who and why it was there would be part of the mystery. Also, and this would be the fun part, they would need to find out why the spirit has not passed over and how they would need to ‘encourage’ this. A pistol is not much use against an intangible spirit!

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