StreamElements – Joining their Dream Team

In the beginning

I recently moved back to StreamElements and I must say I am really enjoying their components. Although many people think I am stupid and probably setting myself up to fail, I like setting myself goals and trying to work towards them. Sometimes this is foolish, especially if they lack strategies or the said strategies involve other people. I have set myself a follower goal of 1,500 by the end of 2018 – but there is another goal which I would like to set myself, but I feel that I will never achieve – but should I continue to aim high?

Belonging to a gang

Don’t worry, I am not about to go off and get myself a tattoo and a leather jacket! One thing I really would like is to be a member of a group and/or community. I am often lurking in discord channels and try to get involved but really I’m not that much of a social person and I often get confused with either the acronyms used or the current ‘in jokes’. There was a wonderful line in the TV programme ‘Cheers’ opening song. I often used to and still do, try to aspire to-

Sometimes you want to go. Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.

In order to maybe achieve this or even be part of something bigger, I always aspire to join the dream teams!

Requirements for Dreaming with StreamElements

I have recently moved everything back to Streamelements, not that there is anything wrong with Streamlabs, I just feel happier with the former. As I was looking at what StreamElements offered I noticed their Dream Team! Wahoo! As Streamelements was still developing I thought that this would be a golden opportunity to hop on the band wagon and support the company in my streams. Now, you need to remember that I have a long way to go before being a Twitch Partner and got brutally refused from the Discord Partnership programme, despite using their programme since its creation. Bouncing back from my previous disappointments I eagerly read the requirements for the StreamElements dream team!

Requirements for applying for StreamElements Dream Team

Hopes dashed – that many followers!

Yes as you can see I meet three out of the four criteria to be accepted, but with only 1,300 followers I am so way from them 20,000 required to even apply! But are followers a realistic criteria in the world of Twitch? I have one of those tweets every week which says thank you to my friends and re-tweeters on Twitter. I’m afraid I have been brutal with my blocking hammer recently, since the majority of my thanks appears to be going to channels who are retweeting things in order for people to get more followers etc. It might be quite easy to gain followers now especially when many people often say follow me and I’ll follow you back! With 1,300 followers my average monthly viewers is currently at 6.8 which almost demonstrates the very limited correlation, if any, between followers and viewers. I do understand that with more followers there is more possibility of getting a higher average viewer and this is what companies want – in order to promote their resources – but should this actually be a criteria?

So what next?

Well, it would appear I have a few choices. One is to start begging for followers, I can add it as a follow goal, follow people back and even copy in some the Twitter profiles which might support me on my journey to 20,000 followers. Or – and this is the path I am taking – continue to be myself and broadcast fulfilling the other three criteria for participation in the ‘dream team’ and, when I eventually sleep and dream, have those dreams which shows me wearing the StreamElements hoodie while I laugh and engage with my community. Yes, I will be a member of the Dream Team – but only, quite ironically, only in my dreams.

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