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I hate going back full time to my main job. It takes me a good week to recover from the constant stress and tiredness. Blogging, YouTubing and Streaming all suffer for one week. Eventually, I do gain the energy to do both jobs at the same time. Apparently, vitamin B12 can give you more energy – added to my shopping list!

This week, I saw for the first time, a sub only stream. What do I think about these? Well, that is what this blog post is about.

Subs and Cheers

I like to keep everything in order. Because of this I actually have a spreadsheet with captures my monthly income from Twitch. Consequently, I have a good idea of how much money I can plough back into Twitch. I try to ensure that I am supporting smaller channels and use my Twitch Prime sub on a rotational basis. This means I sub to a new channel and then, if I enjoy it, I will go back and use hard-earned cash.

I have a monthly amount of cheers. The exact amount is actually related to whether there are any offers. But I try to use this across channels equally – more if there are charity benefitting from me cheering.

I try to ensure that outcome and income is roughly matched although there are new games costs etc to be taken into account. All things considered, the income and the outcome tends to match.

Me and my Subs

As I watched the sub only stream, I actually didn’t realise that it was one. I recognise the little star next to the channel name announcing this. As I was watching, and enjoying, I suddenly got a message saying my preview was coming to an end. Then, BOOM, disconnected and watching a ‘holding image recommending that I sub to watch more.

Everyone supports my channel and content in a way that they can.

I’m not a big streamer at all. I have some subs, but if I made it a sub only stream I would definitely find my numbers crashing to single figures. Not that they are always in double figures! So I started to think about, why would I do a sub only stream?

Thank you for being a sub

I am very grateful to all my subs. Whether they are primes, long-standing subs or even once every few months. I think everyone enjoys streaming, otherwise, they wouldn’t do it, but having people subbing, watching, chatting, following, cheering actually supports the streamer immensely. It lets you know you are doing a good job. But should I reward my subs more?

Well, they do get loyalty points at a faster rate and I think I will allow them to use the sounds more often without having to pay points for them. They also get some emotes to play with. But is this enough? With my patrons (three of them) I allow them access to patron-only content, which is not available elsewhere. For example, they can see the bloopers of my Youtube creations and some behind the scenes videos. Should I actually put something in place for subs in the form of a sub only stream?

Everyone supports

For me, this is not a good idea. Everyone supports my channel and content in a way that they can. This might be subbing but it might just be following, retweeting or even just lurking in the background. All of these are so supportive, and I acknowledge and value each of these methods. I wouldn’t want to do a sub only stream because I am basically saying – you have the cash to support me so here is something nice. It is almost valuing one way of supporting more than another. Something I do not wish to do.

But you do it for Patrons?

I agree. My argument falls to pieces once I start to apply this to Patreon. But I consider my supporters slightly differently. Yes, some of my viewers on Twitch are my patrons. But with the entry-level on Patreon being only one dollar this might be more accessible for people.

Also, I think my Patreon account is more for people who engage my Youtube and podcasts. People watching and listening to these might want to make a monetary contribution to the content so that I can continue. There is no way of doing this on the actual sites and hence where Patreon comes in. They do get some special glimpses to behind the scenes. Maybe this should be available for my Twitch subs as well?

Joined up thinking

I used to use GameWisp (now defunct) before I could have subs on Twitch. I really like this platform because it allowed me to join all my content together. It would be fantastic if Twitch Subs were automatically patrons of a similar level. This would, of course, relate to dedicate YouTube supporters as well. There needs to be some joined-up thinking in action here, rather than platforms working on their own.

Luckily there is an email list available of all my subs on Twitch. Maybe, I should, therefore, allow them to gain access to some of the patron-only content every month as well. Unfortunately, I am not sure how this would work with ‘Lens’. Things just get too complicated.


To conclude this waffle, it definitely has no structure or train of thought!, I don’t think I will be doing sub only streams in the future.

I am grateful for you supporting my ventures in whichever way you can. I appreciate it and will venture to give everyone something special in return. That might just be me streaming every week, or even a sneaky peek behind the scenes.

Sorry for the randomness of this post, I am just trying to get back into juggling work and, well, work. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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