Mythras Actual Play: Super Heroes – GO!!!

With great power comes great responsibility


If you are like me, every now and again, you get this urge to play a different setting. The majority of role playing games are set in a fantasy land but there are others which include sci-fi, cyberpunk and even horror. One of the things I really enjoy about the Mythras system is that it comes with a range of settings in which you can implement the rules with some simple additions. This is really positive since if you are playing with the same group of players, they already know the rules and so very limited time is taken up explaining and getting up to speed with new nuances. With one player down this weekend, we decided to don some lycra, move our pants to the outside of our leggings and fly into action as we started the published module, Agony and Ecstasy (TDM) with the pre-made super heroes!

Theatre of the Mind

I have always been more interested in the narrative and creating atmospheres within and RPG session. For this module, I decided to to stream it, but to concentrate on using the theatre of the mind, rather than graphs and floor plans. Although this does require the players to pay attention to what is happening, it really does allow viewers to picture the scenarios via the GM’s description. Coupled with this, the lack of ‘fine movements’ means that actions become more generic which allows for players to describe what is happening.

Evolving actions

The other thing which I will liked about the module and the ruleset, is that there is not a rule for everything. An example of this is the nanobot created hero called the Golem. At one point in the session, Chugawuga, wanted to gain footage of the local cameras in the area and sent his nanobots into the system. Of course, there are no rules for this, but it allowed the information the players needed to be recovered. Sometimes I think that in trying to make a rule for everything you actually make the whole system more complicated.

Mystery and Intrigue

I mentioned earlier how much I enjoy the narratives within role playing games and this includes the players trying to sort out mysteries or trying to unravel plot-lines. This module certainly allowed for this, with the option for battling gang members and virus infected. The characters had the skills needed to interact with the NPCs although it is still very important for the players to tell you as the GM what they are hoping to achieve from the interaction – more about this in my ‘Be the best player’ series on YouTube. I do tend to develop the interactions more, which maybe complicates matters with the plotline. Something that as a GM I need to work on.

Actual Play Video

If you are interested in seeing the action play out, then you can find the actual play session below in video form. It is not edited so there is probably a lot of rabbling – but it is still enjoyable.

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