The Dread Fortress

Eternity Vault

Karagga’s Palace

Story Mode Bosses
Nefra, who bars the way – killed
Gate Commander Draxus – killed
Grob’Thok – who feeds the forge – killed
Corruptor Zero – killed
Dread Master Brontes – killed
Story Mode Bosses
Annihilation Droid XRR-3 – killed
Gharji – killed
Ancient Pylons – killed
Infernal Council – killed
The Infernal One – killed
Story Mode Bosses
BoneThrasher – killed
Jarg and Sorno – killed
Foreman Crusher, the Slavedriver – killed
G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator – killed
Karagga the Unyilding – killed

Explosive Conflict

Terror from Above

Scum and Villainy

Story Mode Bosses
Zorn and Toth – Still Alive
Firebrand and Stormcaller – Still Alive
Colonel Vorgath – Still Alive
Warlord Kephess – Still Alive
Story Mode Bosses
The Writing Horror – killed
Ciphas, Heirad, Kel’Sara – killed
Operator IX – killed
Kephess the Undying – killed
Terror from Beyond – killed
Story Mode Bosses
Dash’roode – killed
Titan 6 – killed
Thrasher – killed
Operations Chief – killed
Olokthe Shadow – killed
Cartel Warlords – Still Alive
Dread Master Styrak – Still Alive

The Dread Palace

The Ravagers

Temple of Sacrifice

Story Mode Bosses
Dread Master Beatia – killed
Dread Master Tyrans – killed
Dread Master Calphayus – killed
Dread Master Raptus – killed
the Dread Masters – killed
Story Mode Bosses
Sparky – killed
QuarterMaster Bulo – killed
Torque – killed
Master and Blaster – Still Alive
Coratanni – Still Alive
Story Mode Bosses
Malaphor the Savage – Still Alive
Storm Suadron – Still Alive
The Underlurker – Still Alive
Revanite commander – Still Alive
Revan – Still Alive