Tackling Telekinesis!

I really need to stick with one class and finish the game with it, taking all the positives and negatives which come along. After playing the Vanguard for a while, I tried playing a telekinetic sage. I can not possible say what will come next!

Ranged is differently what I like to play and I think although I like the ‘look’ and sometimes ‘playstyle’ of the melee classes, when I actually get down to playing them I am not very good. The Sage is fun to play and with a tanking companion, it is almost like my beloved pet classes. I’m going to have a go at a Sorcerer as well, to see if there is much of a different but ranged is definitely the way to go. Twin weapons always look good in the game and the classes of Bounty Hunter and a Gunslinger also look appealing at the moment so I might have to dabble with them…..wait! Let’s try and stick with one class at least for the duration of this blog post! So here is some Sage game play and my being on the winning team for a PvP game and coming top of the damage table – I was well chuffed!

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