Starting GMing shadowrun

Recently, I have started to get involved in Reddits. Some people have a rather negative view about Reddits, although currently I have found the community really helpful and interactive. Now before you start to think I am watching videos of Chinese/Japanese game shows, the Reddits I get involved in are not those types of communities but more related to Shadowrun and Runequest/Mythras. To be honest, I haven’t even searched for a D&D one because I have a feeling that there will be more discussions about the finery of the rules rather than more direct understanding of the them – the latter is what I actually need as I embark on these new games. So am I writing this waffle about Reddit? not at all, I am writing it in response to a Reddit post that I often reply to…

Shadowrun – Missing Margot Episode 2 – in which one of the characters nearly dies!

Well – I have to admit this right from the start – from after the break there is a slight problem with the the sound – yes I forgot to turn the player’s side of the conversation on…some might even say its better 😛

I’ve tried to give you some indication of what they are saying – but I think you can get the drift. Basically – someone ends up out for the count – one of the characters! – place your bets now!