Shadowrun – Episode 1 – Meeting for Cliffe MaCabe

So after many years I have eventually started a Shadowrun campaign which I stream live on Twitch. Although I have played Shadowrun before, we are all new which these current rules so there might be some tweaks and misinterpretations throughout the current series. Also, a few mishaps as I get the challenge correct – maybe the players should all have a back up character idea …:)

Our D&D 5th Edition Campaign continues – Brigadoon Episode 6

Well I know i am a few episode behind, but here is Episode 6 of the campaign – it was a super long one so it took a while for it to upload to Youtube etc – grab a flask of coffee before sitting back to watch it….Well as the adventure continues who would have thought that one lonely, rather small spider could have caused the party so many problems – do we have our first death in the party?

The campaign continues

Well, the second episode of my first ever online D&D campaign was completed last week. It has been ages since I have created a campaign and I must admit it is very nice to have that creative outlet again as I think of encounters which interact with numerous plot lines. I’m determined to keep the episodes recorded and available, although I must admit to having done some editing this week since the intro didn’t have its sound on the LIVE session plus, there were times at the beginning when there was a lot of waiting around for people to arrive. I must also say that I even started to edit together a video of the strange activities and comments which occur but this is taking a little longer than what I initially expected. Anyway – without further ado! Here is episode two of the campaign – Brigadoon…