Blast from the Past – Milk Tray Advert

If you listen to my radio station – and if you don’t you better have a good excuse! – then you will have listened to some of my jingles. My inspiration for these jingles come from a variety of places, but one of them was an advert which I remember from growing up. Dressed completely in black, diving off high cliffs and battling dangerous sharks the guy still delivers the lady a lovely box of chocolate, leaving before she returns with only his calling card as evidence that he was ever there…why you ask yourself – well its all because the lady loves…

Blast from the Past – Um Bongo

I’m actually one of these weird people who actually enjoys watching adverts. I’m not sure whether it is because mum never really wanted ITV on the television when I was growing up or whether it is just because I like the perfect lives that the adverts exhibit. What ever it is, I thought I would do a series of Blasts from the Pasts posts about adverts. First up – Um Bongo! you must remember the drink…they drink it in the Congo! Bonus points if you can say all the words in time with the advert – double bonus points if you don’t need to script to do this!