Blast from the Past – Um Bongo

I’m actually one of these weird people who actually enjoys watching adverts. I’m not sure whether it is because mum never really wanted ITV on the television when I was growing up or whether it is just because I like the perfect lives that the adverts exhibit. What ever it is, I thought I would do a series of Blasts from the Pasts posts about adverts. First up – Um Bongo! you must remember the drink…they drink it in the Congo! Bonus points if you can say all the words in time with the advert – double bonus points if you don’t need to script to do this!

Blast from the Past – Dusty Bin!

After reminiscing about Saturday night television with The Professionals, this week’s Blast from the Past continues the theme with the programme which preceded the professionals. With a variety of clues which could easily have been referring to a cruise, car or bin, the game show allowed the contestants to get rid of clues and their associated prizes, hoping to avoid the bin and get the car/cruise. What was the show? well is was dusty bin and the Ted Rogers in 3,2,1 – can you remember the hand actions? Always be careful which way round you start otherwise the ‘two’ becomes somewhat swearing!