Blast from the Past – Um Bongo

I’m actually one of these weird people who actually enjoys watching adverts. I’m not sure whether it is because mum never really wanted ITV on the television when I was growing up or whether it is just because I like the perfect lives that the adverts exhibit. What ever it is, I thought I would do a series of Blasts from the Pasts posts about adverts. First up – Um Bongo! you must remember the drink…they drink it in the Congo! Bonus points if you can say all the words in time with the advert – double bonus points if you don’t need to script to do this!

Blast from the Past – Dusty Bin!

After reminiscing about Saturday night television with The Professionals, this week’s Blast from the Past continues the theme with the programme which preceded the professionals. With a variety of clues which could easily have been referring to a cruise, car or bin, the game show allowed the contestants to get rid of clues and their associated prizes, hoping to avoid the bin and get the car/cruise. What was the show? well is was dusty bin and the Ted Rogers in 3,2,1 – can you remember the hand actions? Always be careful which way round you start otherwise the ‘two’ becomes somewhat swearing!

Blast from the Past – The NEW Avengers

Ok, so some of you might actually prefer the original Avengers but for me the best version was always the New Avengers. No, I don’t mean Thor, IronMan and the almost unlimited quiver of Hawkeye, I mean the New Avengers of Steed, Gambit and Purdey! This was my first encounter with the kung-fu kicking Joanna Lumley, soon to be followed up with Sapphire and Steel – way before Absolutely Fabulous! You actually get the first bit of the episode before the titles run, so enjoy…

Blast from the Past! – Sapphire and Steel

There were two TV programmes which always used to make me hide behind a cushion on the sofa. One was, of course, Dr Who and the other was certain episodes of Sapphire and Steel. There was an episode of the latter which involved people have blank faces, stealing them from photographs. I just remember it was well scary. Joanna Lumley has certainly progressed from this and the New Avengers to Absolutely Fabulous and traveling around Asia on a train!