Why I blog – venture into my mind!

Well it is Saturday again and I am sat in my favourite local Costa about to write another blog post and, as the caffeine kicks in and brush the crumbs off my lap from the toast (had to suffer brown toast today – it was very nice although I’m not sure of the reaction it will have on me!), I start to write a blog post on a completely different topic to this one and started to think – why am I doing this! It didn’t take me long to reach the answer because I have known for quite a while why I do this and my other blogs. So, rather than talking about what I was going to, I’ve decided to write about why I write and enjoy it so much.

I’ll never be a sensation!

I always have to be careful that my blog posts don’t come across too negative. Although I am usually a optimist, I have a tendency to be very realistic, and this can often come across as pessimism. As I sit here, blogging, planning radio shows, my next Youtube video and Twitch broadcast – yes I do plan them all – I get the feeling that I was just born far too early for the internet and now, as I age by the day, my opportunity for popularity has long ago set sail and really I shouldn’t be venturing into the world of social media…

Changing world of coffee shop visits

Ok, this is just a general blog post, not focusing on anything to do with online gaming or reviews. Throughout the years – and I do mean years – I have been visiting coffee shops and during that time, technology has had an impact on the places I visit and what I actually do to pass the time there. So I thought I would bore you all stupid and blog about it…enjoy!