Investing time in my Channel

As my summer vacations start, I suddenly find myself with the opportunity to actually invest time and energy into improving and developing my channel on Twitch. While watching other people’s streams I see so many great examples of communities and interactions that I really look forward to having the time Read more…

The Trouble with Twitch

I’m becoming very concerned about something. I spend much of my time online and I get this feeling that content, customer service and ultimately people are ceasing to become important being completely replaced with automation, viewing figures and money. I’m not one to rant in my blog posts but I am one to tackle and engage with issues which I think are important. The issue which I am becoming concerned with is that I don’t think that Twitch cares any more…

Chug a beer?

Youtube and Twitch are vast internet empires of hopefuls trying to make their mark on the world. Many try but few succeed, but as they try to develop their followers, viewers and subscribers in an attempt to make that extra ‘buck’ or achieve partnership, they ‘creators’ tempt people to their stream using various methods…it was while watching a stream that I first heard the phrase – “I’ll chug a beer for a £20 donation”! You will what?