Creating characters!

I’m not to sure why it happens but I always seem to be a DM rather than a player. I’ve often wondered why this is – probably something to do with my personality. I probably have to mention at this point that I am not a creative person at all Read more…

Creating your characters….

The world of streaming and gaming is full of acronyms and abbreviations that I constantly have to work on in order to understand what people are talking about. When I was growing up a ‘GG’ was a horse with an ‘MT-GG’ being a hungry horse! I’m sure the latter is not really an abbreviation within the gaming world, but it did take me some time to understand what GG (good game – I hope) meant and even now, terms like ‘lul’ baffle me. But one term which I have been very familiar with for some time is the term ‘cookie cutter’. What does this mean and what are my thoughts about it, well this is what this waffle/post is about.


Me and #Overwatch – who I decided to play…

From my weird life back to gaming! I’ve been trying to stream with Chugawuga this week, every night at 19:00 on his channel playing Overwatch. As always I needed to find a character which I could not only actually play but possibly be successful at. I know the possibility of both of those being true is probably very low, but hey, you’ve got to try! Who did I end up playing and what are my thoughts about the game…well don’t stop now – read on to find out…

Look at that Panda Warrior!

It doesn’t take much for me to be redirected onto something else. I’m a bit like a redirect on a website – if someone tells me something is better or I see a class performing or even looking good in their equipment, I immediately create the class/race in a hope that that class will be the one. Unlike Neon from the Matrix – I have yet to find or be the One….(Enjoy the video!)