Food for a single person…

Wandering around the shops, listening to the radio and even watching television is currently reminding me that I am still single. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I am being bombarded with offers for the perfect meal in the perfect restaurant. Everything comes in twos, two for the price of one, a bottle of wine for two and even a relaxing and/or romantic weekend for two. The only thing that these places are not seemingly providing is the other person to actually enjoy the experience with. But I am beginning to think that it is not only at Valentine’s day that being single puts me as a disadvantage since I am actually having more problems every week actually shopping for food as a single person.

OMG cinematic!

If you view anyone’s posts at the moment about World of Warcraft they are all about the new cinematic and the release date. I would comment these however I wasn’t sure what sure what was happening. I recognised Guldan – my warlock uses his left hand on cool down, but I’m afraid that’s where it ends. Where were the Alliance? So until I actually get some understanding of what it was all about I thought I would just quickly write about my newest achievement….