Healing Iron docks – this time Discipline!

You will know now that I change specs, roles and classes as often as the wind changes direction. My priest has recently reached 100th after a brief experiment with shadow magic. I prefer leveling as discipline but holy healing is my favourite – saying that, I found this video on my first attempt -I think – of healing Iron Docks as discipline…enjoy! I really must stop frowning!

Leveling Discipline in Beta Warlords

Over the pass few days I have been busy leveling a discipline priest on the Beta servers for Warlords of Draenor. The concept behind the discipline priest is a good one and after leveling and healing with a paladin it seemed a reasonable progression to move onto providing shields directly rather than the indirect absorption shields of the paladin. So with the power of light behind me I ventured forth with the battle cry of —>SHIELDS!! (Star Trek fans, you can name the film)