Indie, Marty, Daniel and me….intrigued?

When you get to my age you are in the position when you will be over halfway through your life and you have those moments that when you sit and reminisce because, as your memory gets worse and worse, you know that you will soon forget most things from your past. Writing my weird life series of blogs I have started to relive many events and occurrences from when I was younger, especially in my teenage life. Last night on my radio show, I mentioned the first time I watched the Disney film – Hercules it was stood in a school library watching it from a VHS video tape. I think Hercules, the Disney version, is probably one of my favourite Disney films and it got my thinking about my three favourite films when I was a teenager – from the title of this blog can you guess what they were?

All downhill from here….

Well, I am guessing you have taken the decorations down and your fridge is almost empty, with all the left overs consumed and only a few half filled bottles of alcohol left. Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and most people are considering the dreadful prospective of returning to work – if they have not only ready returned! For me the best time of the year is over and it’s downhill from here on in! Why? well the reasons are simple!