Star Wars Battlefront Beta – Part 1 and 2

So last weekend was the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and I couldn’t resist! Downloading it to my XboxOne, I quickly started to give it a first play through. I managed to get to the max level of 5th and must say I generally enjoyed the experience. What follows is a couple of live streams of the game play…enjoy!

Tomb Raider Travesty!

I’ve been trying to find an XboxOne game to play on the stream and after watching some gameplay of the ‘The Last of Us’ – I decided to play a similar game. With the expansion coming out shortly, my decision was Tomb Raider!

First Time on Destiny

Well I have seen this game being played across TwitchTV so I decided to download the trial version and check it out! I need to warn you now, this is not the sort of game I usually play…