Chisels and Crafting Tables.

I don’t know how I manage it at times, but I have actually managed to spend some time in my little hidey hole on my Feed The Beast – Unstable Minecraft server this week, exploring what is new compared to my vanilla server. I must admit that it is like painting a long bridge or cutting the grass on a huge field. Everytime I try to understand one thing, it appears that there are numerous other things to actually understand. However I have managed to make progress and after I have finished writing this blog I am going home to video a small recording in order to present you with my findings – ooops did that sound too scientific? This week I explore chisels and crafting tables….

Starting again with Minecraft…

Now since you probably are not even aware that I have a professional blog, you will not know about the new way of working that I have had to adopt due to the ever increasing workload of blogging, streaming, radio presenting – oh and work! Don’t worry I am not going anywhere -I’m just going to be blogging to this site once every two weeks with my professional blog getting a waffle every other week. After saying that, you might think that the title of this waffle actually contradicts all of this “reducing my workload” but you know me when I want to do something or achieve something then that’s it, I become very dedicated and well – I’ll say it before you do- obsessed! so what am I going to do? Well I am trying my hand yet again at Minecraft!

Grow crops! Grow!!!!!!! —arrrgggghhh!

I’m definitely not a quitter but somethings certainly do try me. I continue to try to make an impression with Minecraft, trying to find my niche within the game which I enjoy and can succeed with. In an attempt to learn and play the game and understand the mechanics of it, I decided to try and ‘survive’ without being the server’s administrator and all the benefits which this brings. I created a new account and set off into the survival world – why did noone tell me how hard this was!!!

Need help to colonise!

Are you brave? Are you fearless? Are you…foolish? Why? There is a new land to be colonised and I need settlers who are brave enough to venture into the land, create food and establish some habitations. Apart from my humble abode, there is nothing else there – so – are you willing?

Learning to play Minecraft – Part 2!

I’m come to a conclusion about Minecraft – it’s a lot harder when you don’t have admin/owner powers! Usually I can just summon some food or change the weather or even make it day time so those pesky zombies burst into flames and I can safely go outside. Without those powers, life is hard. I’m trying not to eat meat so I started off with some apples but those are running out fast so I needed to try and start a farm. At the same time I needed a bed to sleep in. And just when I thought it was safe for me to be in my house underground I got attacked!!!!