Do you remember your first car?

I think I am turning into my mum! The older I am getting the more I find myself looking back in time and comparing and contrasting events from the past and almost – but not quite- uttering those well rehearsed words which my mum often says – “eeeee – when I was younger!” Not wanting to let this blog post dissolve into things were better or worse when I was younger, I wanted focus not on myself but on something which has definitely, no matter how old you are, improved with time. Cars!

Adventures in Radio Land – Part 1

I often feel that I was born like thirty years too early! When I look at the technology available now and the possible opportunities I often do wonder what I would be doing if I was thirty years younger! People will always say that it is never too late to do anything in life and I try to live to this aspiration, engaging in what I would like to do rather than, at my age, what I feel society feels I should be doing. I don’t know whether it is something about being a teacher/tutor, but I do like to present and it was always a dream of mine to have a successful radio station. Well, I didn’t have the time or the money, so what did I do – you guessed it – started my own radio station…and this is the story so far…

Throwing with style!

I tend to rate a movie by two factors. 1) Do I watch it all in on sitting and 2) Would I watch it again. Although this is probably why I don’t go to the cinemas to watch films often, since it can be a bit embarrassing when I get bored halfway through and want to leave! This review is of a film a recently watched and to keep you guessing there is a cryptic clue in the title of this post!

Blast from the past – Alison Moyet!

Wednesdays are ‘Blast from the Past’ post. This is when I look back to my ‘younger’ days and find some item or a video on Youtube that reminds me of my past life. Today it is a music video from the infamous, Alison Moyet. Although there were many of her songs that I remember this was definitely one of my favourites.