The Adventure continues – Radio Land Part 3

It seems a while since I have written a blog post about my continuing journey in setting up a radio station. I was looking at that the Radio Station’s Webpage this morning, and noticed that it was a while since the blog post had changed on the front page. Hopefully, if the plugin is doing its job correctly, then you should be able to see the previous blog posts in this series at the bottom of this page. We have talked about concept, software, music and butts – with the latter referring to the encoder and even included some information about planning and shows. In part three I’m going to talk about marketing, promotion and interaction – and give some news as well!

The Adventure continues – Radio Land Part 2

I’m trying to rotate the content of the blog posts are on this page. Recently we have had some related to gaming and some personal ones so I thought it was probably time to write about the continuing adventure into Radio Land. This also coincides with the webpage for Wilson Waffling Radio coming into existence so it somehow seemed appropriate. So headphones on, finger on that mic button counting down to the end of the song…3….2….1…..