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Finding my own tempo

Preamble If you have been following me on social media, then you are probably already aware why I haven’t been posting much lately. But I am feeling a lot better now and I have made a note of a series of blog posts which I would like to share with

New designs for SALE!!!

Started with an email You might have noticed that I am a dedicated user of StreamElements but I do still receive emails from the other Twitch Alerts companies which I have used in the past – well no-one is perfect! One of the reasons I don’t just unsubscribe from these

Tights and underpants!

I’ve always been a superhero fan – who isn’t! Bank holidays are what I call unexpected days. I never plan much for these days and my usual busy weekend routine has been completed. Usually I would be at work, so I see it almost as a free day. Because of this, I once spent one sunny May Day playing Champions Online (I think) for the whole day – only breaking for food and the bathroom. It was while enjoying the Easter bank holiday weekend that I remembered this and thought it was time to slip into that lycra again and to enjoy some superhero exploits!

Knights and Clerics

Okay, its an axe - but I will end up with a hammer/mace

Okay, its an axe – but I will end up with a hammer/mace

So this week I had a bit of a change of direction with my characters. After leveling a DeathKnight to 60th in preparation for the profession upgrade ready in the next patch I decided to leave my shaman and start to concentrate on my Paladin. I often wonder which sort of class I play the best within any game. I usually end up with either a pet class or the magic user. I think this is because I would always volunteer to play this class in the ‘olden days’ of dungeons and dragons. When playing World of Warcraft, I actually do enjoy playing a healer, mainly due to the fact that I find it hard to maintain the constant competition to achieve the highest DPS values of the long queues for raids when not playing a healer. With the new Crusader class coming out for Diablo 3 – I suddenly thought I like playing a class in heave armour (preferably plate) and weilding a shield and mace – or alternatively a two handed hammer. With this in mind I decided to start playing my paladin Armyth again.