Growing everything!

In the beginning Yes, as the title may suggest I’m working hard at getting some growth across the internet. Specifically this includes this website (please subscribe), my Twitch Channel and my Youtube channel. As you are probably aware, before I can monetize my content I need to get a lot Read more…

An image of someone streaming - not me

Time for Targets for 2017!

Yes I know we are nearly at the middle of January but I have been busy and I’m only just getting round to this blog – what do you mean it should be my priority. Every year I like to set myself targets for the year so I can remind myself where I am going and celebrate when I get there. Last week I set my targets for my work blog so this week it is time for my gaming/life blog – the one which you are currently reading. So, without further a do – what a great saying that is, let’s get on with it!