My life in daydreams…..Radio.

If you ever take a glance up to the top right of this webpage you will be aware that I put the book which I am currently listening to up there. Although most of these tend to be action, sci-fi or crime thrillers, the odd autobiography does creep its way into the schedule no and again. Every time I am listening to an autobiography I have this urge to write my own. Not that my life is very exciting – in fact my life often think my life is reflected in those starting lyrics of the ABBA classic – “Thank you for the music” – ‘I’m nothing special, in fact, I’m a bit of a bore.’ What I do wonder about is how I would actually write the events of my life and came up with a title and format of my autobiography. Instead of waiting for a book contract, I thought I would get on with it and start writing it using the same format but as blog posts. So here is one of them. The title of the book would be “My life in Daydreams” and this waffle’s topic is my radio career.

A day in the life – my usual Sunday

With this blog I have to be careful not to allow it to just to become a list of past adventures from my Twitch Streams. Why? Well first of all it is a blog, and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with you. A few months ago now, I was going to say weeks but I think more time has past than I originally thought, I wrote a blog post describing a day in my life, focusing in on a ‘usual’ Saturday. Well I suddenly realised that I never wrote the follow up waffle from that post so here it is, a day in the life of my – my usual Sunday.

My perfect day …

During my time off work a enjoyed some really good session streaming and as I enjoyed the time with my viewers, someone mentioned about being a full time streamer! Now, as you might be aware, I actually have a full time job, my own radio station, write for two blogs and stream on Twitch, so life is understandably really very busy. As I walked for my usual morning coffee this morning, it got me thinking about what my perfect day would be like if I had the time, money and motivation to do everything I wanted to do- without the things I had to do to to pay the bills – e.g. work. So what follows in this waffle is what I would class as my perfect working day…