New designs for SALE!!!

Started with an email You might have noticed that I am a dedicated user of StreamElements but I do still receive emails from the other Twitch Alerts companies which I have used in the past – well no-one is perfect! One of the reasons I don’t just unsubscribe from these Read more…

I have a mage shop!

Well if you caught the live stream last Thursday, you will be aware that I zapped an innocent shopper. I would like to take this opportunity to support my case…I was busy stocking the healing potions after some nasty people had knocked them off the shelves when I saw someone running for the door! After comments from my viewers that I was losing a lot of money to thieves I decided, against my normal better judgement, to act…and I run after them and zapped. I’m now recognised as a nasty shop keeper and lost money and experience…What can I say…I’m devastated. Apart from that – I can now make and sell wizard’s hats, robes, leggings and staves! So great when they actually buy one and wear it to leave the shop!