The Campaign begins…

So there I was, quietly chatting to a couple of other streamers when the topic of Dungeons and Dragons came up. Now, I grew up playing this game, way before the internet was even available and I must say I enjoyed each and every game and campaign which I created or played in. Despite all this I think with hindsight, I was a bit keen to announce that I would DM (Dungeon Master) the campaign. Of course, my fellow streamers gladly acknowledged my offer to lead the campaign and so started several long hours both during the day and late into the night until the first session occurred. What happened will probably go down in history – but just in case history missed it, I recorded the whole session and uploaded it to Youtube…

The Trouble with Twitch

I’m becoming very concerned about something. I spend much of my time online and I get this feeling that content, customer service and ultimately people are ceasing to become important being completely replaced with automation, viewing figures and money. I’m not one to rant in my blog posts but I am one to tackle and engage with issues which I think are important. The issue which I am becoming concerned with is that I don’t think that Twitch cares any more…

Streaming at my age!

Let’s have a break from the ‘My weird life’ series and have a quick blog about something which I have been thinking about for a while. I know that age is just a number and that you are as young as your feel, but I sometimes do feel that I was born in the wrong era! Why? well many of the things to do with technology I wish had been available when I was a lot younger and, if this had been the case, maybe what I would be doing in life would be slightly different now. I wrote a blog post on my ‘professional site‘ some time ago titles, I have a confession! It was a popular ‘waffle’ mainly because of the title rather than the content I think. One part of the content of the post was my confession about being a streamer and I wanted to share with you all the positives and negatives of streaming…at my age!

Can I hit these?

On my professional work site, every year I share my targets for improvement for the following year. Don’t worry, they do not include the usual diet and gym comments but focus more on my academic achievements and research commitments. Since this site is getting re-invigorated I thought it would be a good idea to set and share my targets for my streaming, Youtube and radio exploits here so you can get some idea of where I am going with things. Of course, it also gives you the opportunity to come back in a year’s time and have a gloat at what I haven’t achieved! So the big question is….can I hit these targets!