OMG cinematic!

If you view anyone’s posts at the moment about World of Warcraft they are all about the new cinematic and the release date. I would comment these however I wasn’t sure what sure what was happening. I recognised Guldan – my warlock uses his left hand on cool down, but I’m afraid that’s where it ends. Where were the Alliance? So until I actually get some understanding of what it was all about I thought I would just quickly write about my newest achievement….


Decisions – Healer, Tank or Ranged DPS?

So, yesterday I watched Syiler on TwitchTV exploring the various DPS classes with respect to the amount of damage that they were doing. Although I realise that I will not be involved in the high end raid content, and that the only place I really need to consider my role would be in LFR, I thought it was time to start to consider which role I would be playing in the forthcoming expansion.


In the beginning there was….

In between the beta testing raids last night, Teckkie was talking about the main characters in the first section of what call ‘getting your garrison’ quest in Warlords of Draenor. I was interested in the amount of lore that exists within the game – something which I had never really bothered with – I rarely even listen to the cinematics or quest instructions! While perusing my RSS feeds this morning I then came across a video from a YouTube Channel which explained the lore! I’ll be having a look at this next time I am leveling.