Nearly banned from Twitch Reddit!

🎉🎉Happy New Year to you all!!!!🎉🎉 I just had to share something with you all. Ignoring my common sense and danger alert button’s flashing in my head, I took my life into my own hands and posted me link to my recent YouTube video about focusing on enjoying streaming rather than growth onto the Twitch Reddit 🔴Subscribe to YouTube channel […]

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Dungeons and Dragons Gameplay – Toy Dolls and Night Hags

Back to the haunted house So the final part of the haunted manor jaunt, with the faith crew of Ol’Peter (Mr_Pickles), Obadiah (Chugawuga), Domanic (Medivac) and Felix (played by Chugawuga, since Longshanksepg couldn’t play this week). In this episode they eventually encounter the owner of the house and her little toy doll! There are lots of great scenes within this […]

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Mythras: Attacking spirits, strange camps and crow infested villages

In this week’s Mythras session… This week in Mythras – In the last session, we left the party being attacked by a Shrike – a malevolent spirit inhabiting the forest and terrorising travellers. But this is not the end of the party’s problems. Why has this camp been set up within the forest, and why is the town of Alyesford, […]

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