Runequest/Mythras – The Island of Vom Kayes Episode 2

With Gulliver still muttering about the painted men, the group reach the temple’s courtyard in the middle of the island. With Captain Seatide still ill, they drag into the courtyard only to be attacked by, to the delight of Gulliver, the painted men – savages from the jungle! Once dispatched the party venture inside the temple encountering immense statues and stomach churning images embossed onto the walls. But which goddess is that huge multi-handed statue of and who is summoning snakes to attack them as they stand describing areas and drinking…

I have a mage shop!

Well if you caught the live stream last Thursday, you will be aware that I zapped an innocent shopper. I would like to take this opportunity to support my case…I was busy stocking the healing potions after some nasty people had knocked them off the shelves when I saw someone running for the door! After comments from my viewers that I was losing a lot of money to thieves I decided, against my normal better judgement, to act…and I run after them and zapped. I’m now recognised as a nasty shop keeper and lost money and experience…What can I say…I’m devastated. Apart from that – I can now make and sell wizard’s hats, robes, leggings and staves! So great when they actually buy one and wear it to leave the shop!

Shoppe Keepe continues – Part 5

Life is still busy, so no live stream again – but I’ve run out of saved videos so definitely back next week! However, another day in the life of a shop keeper – I invest in blue gloves and wands – a magician’s haven!

Tomb Raider Thursday! – some major puzzle solving!

Although I feel I am getting used to jumping and swinging in the game, one aspect which still needs some work is the problem solving. Although I managed to solve one early on in the adventure, the last one in this episode got me stuck and, due to nearing the end of a two hour stream, I left it until next episode. Hopefully this Thursday I will be able to solve it very quickly!