My Weird Life : Summary

Yes, I’m weird Although I know there is probably nothing which could be classed as normal in the world, but I am still weird. Even when you look at the ‘normal’ characteristics such as OCD I even go against the standard criteria of that! I’ve actually come to accept that Read more…

Me and Anxiety

Well, this morning has been somewhat different to my usual Saturday mornings. If you have read any of my weird life series you will be aware that I like my routines.This morning, due to illness and changing plans, I am currently sat in an unfamiliar coffee shop in an unfamiliar part of town trying my best to concentrate on writing this blog rather than standing up, leaving my coffee and heading home again. It seems almost fate that I had already decided about the content of this week’s post before today and that now I find myself in a state of anxiety writing about me and anxiety!

My weird life – Routines, Germs and touching….

Ok, so you have suffered what I don’t look cool in, the continuing saga of my radio journey and some interesting posts about games and voice servers. After suffering all of those, I thought it was time for you to have a treat – a well done reward for enduring those aspects of my life. What is the reward? Well the next amazing installment of my weird life series! No, please don’t applaud, no whistling please, just keep keep – it is all part of my giving nature. What is this next installment covering, well it sounds a bit strange, but it is all about germs and routines…no connection with those? well… just you wait and see.

Things I never look cool doing…

The weather has been good the last few days here in the north of England and people are slowly to remove their winter woolies and don sunglasses, vest tops and shorts. As you will be aware, I’m not a great fan of the summer (reasons given here) and although people are in favour of the warmer weather, I still looking forward to October when the darker nights and windy wet weather returns. As I walk home from work every night, I switch to what I call the summer route. This is a route, mainly consisting of different sides of the roads, which provides me with the maximum amount of shade in a vain attempt to keep cool. It is while I was walking home that I started to realise that there were certain things that I am not able to do and will never be able to do.

My Weird Life – sleeping….

Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies. Next week it is Easter and it feels as if I have just finished Christmas and the New Year celebrations! Next weekend marks the downward spiral to the period of the year which, when blogging about sometime ago, I identified as being my least favourite time of the year. I am, however, going to stay positive and thought it would be a good time to start the series of blogs post which I was meant to embark on last week, but was really too poorly. The series is going to focus on the weirdness which is me. It’s ok, I know I am weird and I thought it would be beneficial to share with your the strange routines and activities which I have to adhere in my every day life…