Warlock Levelling…

You are probably getting tired of the constant online gaming videos which have been appearing over the past few weeks – but once I have time on my hands I like to fill it with gaming. And if it wasn’t gaming videos it would be quite dull videos of me typing in permissions to a yml file to get my Minecraft servers up and running – maybe that’s more desirable…

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Healing Iron docks – this time Discipline!

You will know now that I change specs, roles and classes as often as the wind changes direction. My priest has recently reached 100th after a brief experiment with shadow magic. I prefer leveling as discipline but holy healing is my favourite – saying that, I found this video on my first attempt -I think – of healing Iron Docks as discipline…enjoy! I really must stop frowning!

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Decisions – Healer, Tank or Ranged DPS?

So, yesterday I watched Syiler on TwitchTV exploring the various DPS classes with respect to the amount of damage that they were doing. Although I realise that I will not be involved in the high end raid content, and that the only place I really need to consider my role would be in LFR, I thought it was time to […]

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