Star Wars Battlefront Beta – Part 1 and 2

So last weekend was the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and I couldn’t resist! Downloading it to my XboxOne, I quickly started to give it a first play through. I managed to get to the max level of 5th and must say I generally enjoyed the experience. What follows is a couple of live streams of the game play…enjoy!

Tomb Raider continues – now with a shotgun!

Its been a busy week at work, with late finishes so streaming has been difficult. I am trying to get fit so instead of streaming on Wednesday I even managed to get to the gym to swim some lengths. I was too tired to stream on Thursday! But promised I would try on Friday and, since I promised, I delivered with part 3 of my Tomb Raider adventure!

Tomb Raider Travesty!

I’ve been trying to find an XboxOne game to play on the stream and after watching some gameplay of the ‘The Last of Us’ – I decided to play a similar game. With the expansion coming out shortly, my decision was Tomb Raider!

First Time on Destiny

Well I have seen this game being played across TwitchTV so I decided to download the trial version and check it out! I need to warn you now, this is not the sort of game I usually play…