Growing everything!

In the beginning Yes, as the title may suggest I’m working hard at getting some growth across the internet. Specifically this includes this website (please subscribe), my Twitch Channel and my Youtube channel. As you are probably aware, before I can monetize my content I need to get a lot Read more…

I’ll never be a sensation!

I always have to be careful that my blog posts don’t come across too negative. Although I am usually a optimist, I have a tendency to be very realistic, and this can often come across as pessimism. As I sit here, blogging, planning radio shows, my next Youtube video and Twitch broadcast – yes I do plan them all – I get the feeling that I was just born far too early for the internet and now, as I age by the day, my opportunity for popularity has long ago set sail and really I shouldn’t be venturing into the world of social media…

Can I hit these?

On my professional work site, every year I share my targets for improvement for the following year. Don’t worry, they do not include the usual diet and gym comments but focus more on my academic achievements and research commitments. Since this site is getting re-invigorated I thought it would be a good idea to set and share my targets for my streaming, Youtube and radio exploits here so you can get some idea of where I am going with things. Of course, it also gives you the opportunity to come back in a year’s time and have a gloat at what I haven’t achieved! So the big question is….can I hit these targets!

In the beginning there was….

In between the beta testing raids last night, Teckkie was talking about the main characters in the first section of what call ‘getting your garrison’ quest in Warlords of Draenor. I was interested in the amount of lore that exists within the game – something which I had never really bothered with – I rarely even listen to the cinematics or quest instructions! While perusing my RSS feeds this morning I then came across a video from a YouTube Channel which explained the lore! I’ll be having a look at this next time I am leveling.