Take a chance on me!


I know I am not big – in any sense of the word. But I want to tell you about a company which took a chance on me. I understand that companies are always looking for returns but this company has looked beyond the returns and have focused on the dedication and commitment of me the streamer. Who is this company – well its StreamElements!


How did it all begin?

I’m not what you would call your ‘typical’ streamer. I am much older than the average age, I don’t have a huge amount of knowledge about the games and I am certainly no expert at the game play.

I stream because I love to and hopefully, as I do, I hope that I bring smiles to the community’s faces and maybe inspire them to be who they are and reach and attain those dreams.

When I started off streaming I like to do my research to see which ‘service’ I enjoy. I tend not to necessarily follow the masses, preferring to make my own decisions. In order to consolidate my thoughts I tend to blog about it. When Discord first came out I wrote about that service and Curse and when I was looking at services for streaming I did the same. And this is when I chose StreamElements.

After my blog post!

When I blogged about StreamElements, I wasn’t expecting anything but I had a response. Someone actually came into my stream and said thank you for my support of the company. I was amazed! Someone had read the blog post and actually came in and said thank you. They even went one step further and sent me my very own hoodie! No you have to remember I am not your typical streamer. I have a great community, but I am not pulling a huge amount of viewers. But that didn’t matter to StreamElements. What mattered to them was the streamer themselves. They took a chance on me.

Image of my merch on twitter

It didn’t stop there!

Over the years StreamElements and I have built up a good relationship. We have had our low times and our highs. Even when I was thinking of moving away, they reached out to me and chatted to me in order to solve any issues I was having. I must admit, I felt that they cared about me as a streamer and I was not just another set of viewing figures.

I was lucky enough to get invited to the closed beta of their new merch store, which I really enjoyed developing. And you can not imagine how elated I have been to find some of my content being used, with my permission, on their promotional tweets and videos. I was a little concerned that the number of followers were on at the end of the video, but then I realised I am proud of each and everyone of those followers! Again, it shows that it is the streamer that matters to StreamElements rather than the number of viewers and followers.

What’s so good about them?

You might be sat there reading this saying – but why StreamElements there are other companies which are possibly bigger and better. 

Well, that is probably the reason. I’m not a number on the wall for StreamElements, I’m a streamer and a person. They have always taken the time to engage with me, as a person and streamer, and their support has been fantastic – on twitter, twitch and their fantastic discord channel.

I’ve always used OBS as my streaming software of choice, and with OBS.live I can enjoy both that and StreamElements all in one place. I have seen the inclusion of new themes and widgets as well as the new exciting merchandise!

For me, the journey is always more enjoyable than the destination and, as StreamElements continues to develop, I am definitely sat there, seat belt on ready to enjoy their journey along with them.

Thank you StreamElements – you are AWESOME!!!

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