Take a chance with items…

Items within the beta and probably the subsequent Warlords of Draenor expansion, have taken a slightly different focus. For anyone who is managing two or even three sets of equipment for different specs then this will be a welcome change.

Every item has a chance..
Every item has a chance..

The new items within the beta of Warlords are multi-specced. What this means is that the stats alter depending on the actual requirements of the specialisation. For example, Strength and Stamina will change to become Stamina and Intellect when my paladin changes from protection spec to holy. Certain items do not have the dual spec nature, i.e. weapons,rings, trinkets, as well as some of the item drops. However I do consider this as a very valid and welcome change to the item. Hopefully the majority of my backpack space will not be taken up with a complete extra set of equipment in the future. I’ve not actually managed to copy my own characters with existing items across yet to the beta servers so I am not completely sure how this will work with character’s existing equipment, although you will probably not have to update your equipment until approximately 96th level – unless, like me, your item level is not that high at the moment.

Talking about drops, whenever you get an item from a drop, there is a chance that it will change the actual ‘normal’ item level to increase it. I recently created a monk in order to see how they level and my first weapon that I got as a quest reward become an epic 530 weapon! For me. this is higher than anything I have ever had since the maximum I usually receive is 528 from LFR.

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